The Warrior’s ribbon

I would like to introduce to you all something I have been working on for about a year now— It is the “Warrior’s ribbon”.

I created this ribbon to represent all those who have inflected with Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, BRCA and other predominantly women based cancers.

Although this ribbon is to signify that it is not just a representation of women as there are men and people of other genders who get these cancers as well—

This ribbon is to be inclusive for everyone.

The rainbow of nude is to serve as a reminder that these WARRIORS are real people and not just a pink ribbon. The scars are to represent the warriors and the reality of our battles.

It is to be a constant reminder that we are not just a pink and or teal ribbon. That we are PEOPLE who have families and we deserve to be represented by more than just a sticker on a bottle.

I know so many of us are beyond SICK of pink-washing and I want to focus 2021 on saving OUR LIVES.

I know we in the breast cancer community are so lucky to have such an emphasis on pink especially in October but we need to end the pink here and now. October needs to be a reminder of the warriors who are battling who we have lost and those who have survived. It needs to be focusing on educating ourselves, our doctors and finding a cure. This is our reality, this is our fight and I’m beyond over the pink.

We are here to save our WARRIORS-

All our warriors.

We need to focus on educating, saving and protecting ourselves. 
2021 we are fighting the stigma, we are no longer "saving the boobies" we are saving LIVES.